What can Ghost do for you?

The Ghost Platform allows security operations and DevOps professionals to understand and protect every app and API associated with their organization.

Gain complete visibility of all app and APIs

Automatically uncover and compile a comprehensive list of all APIs and applications connected to your organization, giving you the most precise and up-to-date insight into your entire API attack surface and removing the issue of shadow and zombie APIs.

Identify and monitor sensitive data in motion

Whenever sensitive data such as financial information, health records, and PII is shared across APIs, understand if this is expected behavior and if there are any vulnerabilities in the associated infrastructure that may affect who has access to this information.

Understand risks associated with infrastructure deployment

Gaining insight into your application and API infrastructure enables you to detect potential problems in your system and make informed decisions on how to address them. Leverage the known connections between components of your cloud environment to uncover security flaws and misconfigurations that could put sensitive data at risk.

Perform real-world runtime security testing

Perform dynamic testing against live, active code to surface any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. Continuous fuzz testing ensures your apps and APIs are protected against ever-changing threats, not just those already identified.