The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is how the saying goes, right? Although we agree, we have to say that the parts are pretty important too! This is why we’re taking the time to celebrate the most important part of Ghost - our team - as part of a new series, Ghost Sighting 👻.

Join us over the next few weeks as we get to know the faces that make Ghost tick. First up, we’re headed to the marketing team to meet Megan Horner.

Megan joined the Ghost team in July and has been busy since then focusing on our emergence from stealth. Let’s jump in!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

In terms of work, I’ve been in the cybersecurity industry in various roles across product and marketing for almost 13 years. I guess you could say I stumbled into the industry as many of us do. My first job was working as a program manager at a security certification school. It was a small team which allowed me to learn a lot about not only different parts of the organization, but also about the subject matter itself. All history from there.

More importantly, in my personal life, I’m a mom to 1 (for now) with a second arriving quite literally any day. I live in Maryland about an hour outside of Washington D.C. and when not working I really love hanging out with friends and family, cheering for my 11 year old’s flag football team as if he was in the Super Bowl, and spending time in the fresh air.


Very important question: dogs or cats?

Oh man. As an animal lover it is hard to choose. I’d have to say dogs if forced to pick between the two. Mainly because my son is very allergic to cats. We’ve got two dogs at home - both bulldog mixes. Can’t beat the unconditional love a dog has for you. Here’s a picture of the two of mine. We’re not exactly close to the winter holidays however this has got to be my favorite shot of them.

How long have you been working at Ghost and what made you join the team?

I’ve been working at Ghost just over a month and I’ve loved every minute of it. As far as what made me join the team, it may sound cliche, but it was definitely the people. I’ve worked with Josh Larsen for many years at multiple companies and really trust his vision and approach. Speaking with Eric and Greg, the other two Ghost co-founders, was just the icing on the cake.

They know what they’re doing and they only hire the best which creates a culture of trust in your colleagues. This is super important anywhere. Especially at an early stage start-up with an environment where people are working remotely across multiple time zones. I will say, smart and hardworking people are great of course, but even better is when you add that feeling of “Wow. I would really enjoy hanging out with these people,” into the mix. That’s rare and it’s something to be excited about. It makes you want to do even better work so that everybody can be successful together.

What’s your role at Ghost?

Product Marketing, although I’m the first marketing hire so really I’ve taken on setting up all of the marketing infrastructure required to get us off to a strong start. This includes our website, PR efforts, social media, branding - you name it. It’s been really fun so far! Ghost is such a cool brand with its own unique personality. There’s a lot of opportunity to showcase it and bring it to life.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

I’m a homebody. My favorite place is definitely at home with my family. I love hosting and having a house full of people I care about. There’s something zen about knowing everybody is home, together, and safe. Can’t beat it.

As you look at the next year at Ghost, what excites you the most?

Two things really make me excited about the future of Ghost. The first is meeting all my colleagues in person. The team does quarterly off-sites that are part business and part play. This allows the team to connect in person and also have some time to have some fun together and reward the team for all the hard work they’re doing. We’ve got an upcoming event scheduled in Vail, Colorado that I’ll have to miss because of the new addition we’ve got joining our family but I am really looking forward to the next one.

The second thing is seeing how the Ghost solution impacts organizations it is deployed in. The increase in application usage powered by the flexibility of microservices and APIs is incredible. It’s connecting the world in ways we never thought possible and the industry needs a partner that can keep up with the scale and complexity this brings to the table. Ghost is going to provide that. I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.