Stay focused on what matters

Stop chasing false positives, vague alerts, and mountains of useless findings. The Ghost Platform identifies and prioritizes threats for fast response. Out of millions of data points and hundreds of events, analysts only see the API security issues that matter to them.

Full application security from a single solution.


In seconds, identify all apps and APIs associated with your organization for complete, ongoing visibility - straight from the Ghost UI.

Baseline Behavior

Automatically establish a dynamic baseline of normal, expected behavior, ensuring instantaneous future recognition of abnormal activity.

Application Profiling

Notable traits are gathered and documented from app traffic. Develop meaningful context about your app infrastructure by identifying important traits and attributes.

Runtime Threat Detection

Machine learning algorithms monitor traffic in real-time & instantly detect anomalous activity.

Risk Reduction

Prioritize action based on a dynamic analysis of attack path feasibility, resource exploitability, & overall impact on the organization.

Protect yourself from unseen threats

Automatic app identification & contextualization in seconds with the click of a button.

Identify all apps associated with your organization in seconds without ever leaving the Ghost Platform UI.

Clearly understand the relationships between aspects of your application infrastructure and how those relationships may lead to increased risk. Context is provided through the lens of organization-specific relevancy and risk, preventing distractions and simplifying application security.

Baseline behavior for speedy detection of suspicious activity.

The Ghost Platform’s revolutionary Shape Shifting Sensor Stacks (S4) establish a dynamic baseline of your application’s expected behavior, distinguishing between legitimate activity and potential nefarious behavior.

Then, with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, they monitor traffic streams in real-time and instantly detect any anomalous activity that requires attention, automatically sending all necessary information to the right team.

Stay focused on the events that matter with dynamic risk ratings.

Leveraging its knowledge of your cloud infrastructure, the Ghost Signal Fusion Matrix prioritizes vulnerabilities, threats, and misconfigurations based on a dynamic analysis of attack path feasibility, resource exploitability, and overall impact on the organization.

This real-time analysis is a profound improvement over the industry standard risk scoring methodology and enables analysts to prioritize the most critical remediation tasks, avoiding distractions and remaining laser-focused on what matters most.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Hiro Rio Maeda

Managing Partner, DNX Ventures
The surge in adoption of applications, APIs, and microservices represents great growth potential for businesses but also introduces many new attack surfaces. A better approach to securing these assets is needed, and Ghost is well-positioned to address that challenge.

Without Ghost

Overwhelmed by app and API sprawl and unable to build a complete security strategy.
Incomplete inventory of publicly accessible APIs associated with your organization causes blind spots.
No documented understanding of the relationship between apps, APIs, data, and users.
Inability to monitor the movement of sensitive data and flag when it’s suspicious.
Live apps are secure at a specific point in time, but no way to easily identify future weaknesses.

With Ghost

Comprehensive app sec that deploys in a few clicks from one interface for immediate time to value.
Agentless identification of all external APIs in seconds directly without leaving the Ghost UI.
Continuous, context-aware mapping of your entire application infrastructure.
Accurate and automated understanding of all sensitive data and its movement across APIs .
Ongoing dynamic testing against live, active code quickly identifies potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.