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Ghost Security at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

Ghost Security is headed to Amsterdam! Brad Geesaman, our very own Staff Security Engineer and Cloud & Kubernetes security aficionado, will be joined by Ian Coldwater, Duffie Cooley, and Rory McCune to present, “Malicious Compliance: Reflections on Trusting Container Scanners” at KubeCon EU in April.

Ghost Sighting: Get to Know Owen Rumney

This week we’re bringing you our first Ghost Sighting of the new year! Take a few moments to get to know Owen Rumney - a Ghost joining us from the United Kingdom.

Exploring edge canary detection on Cloudflare

Defense in depth as a security strategy is something we've been encouraging for quite some time in the infosec industry. There is no perfect solution to prevent the myriad attacks organizations are faced with every day, a layered approach is critical to mitigate different risks in different ways.

Ghost Sighting: Meet David Matslofva

We're back this week with another Ghost Sighting. Ghost Sighting puts the spotlight on the most important part of Ghost - the people. We're heading to Sweden to meet David Matslofva, a member of our Engineering team.

4 Skeletons That May Be In Your App Sec Program Closet

Maintaining an effective application security program is tough. New applications are being developed and updated daily and with the increased usage of microservices, the infrastructure supporting these applications varies greatly.

Ghost Sighting: Introducing Joel Schopp

We’re back again with an opportunity to get to know a member of the Ghost team! This week’s Ghost Sighting is in Austin, Texas where we find Joel Schopp.

Ghost Sighting: Get to Know Brad Geesaman

We recently introduced a new series, Ghost Sighting, which gives us the opportunity to put the spotlight on the most important part of Ghost - the people. This week, we head over to the Engineering team to get to know Brad Geesaman.

Ghost Sighting: Meet Don Campbell

This week we continue with our employee spotlight series, Ghost Sighting, and are spending some time getting to know Don Campbell.

Ghost Sighting: Get to Know Megan Horner

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is how the saying goes! Although we agree, we have to say that the parts are pretty important too! This is why we’re taking the time to celebrate the most important part of Ghost - our team.