Ghost origins.

It was a dark and stormy night in Baja California when the three friends (who happened to all be cyber security experts) met up for a weekend of off-shore fishing and fun. The team had assembled to chase the elusive tuna migrating through the feeding grounds of the pacific ocean, but mother nature had other plans. The night air was thick with tension as the discussion turned to a gnawing topic they’d discussed many times before - their frustrations with the bloated and ineffective world of application security.

With a history of founding multiple cyber startups, the team knew only one path forward. With the combined might of their years of experience and their unyielding determination, they knew they could challenge the status quo and revolutionize the application security industry.

As they devoured tacos and tasted the local mezcal, the realization settled in that they were on the brink of something great. They had a vision for a comprehensive solution that leveraged the latest in machine learning and cloud technology to protect users and their data at a scale never before seen. The team aptly decided they would call this new mission Ghost Security, a nod to the night’s ghost pepper sauce adoring the tacos and their determination to haunt the industry and disrupt the status quo.

The storm raged on outside as the trio made their plans and plotted their course. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they were ready for the challenge. They were the ghost in the machine, and they were resolved to leave a lasting mark on the industry.