Ghost origins.

Picture this: February in Southern California. The weather is beautiful (isn’t it always?), spirits are high, and mouths are on fire at a local Mexican restaurant.

The first time Greg Martin, Josh Larsen, and Eric Cornelius met in person was arguably the perfect setting to make magic happen. Each of them have spent years in the security space as serial entrepreneurs - building technology and teams from the ground up with the shared goal of creating solutions that solve problems better. Essentially, making security less painful without sacrificing efficacy. The trio was ready to do it again. This time, focusing their sights on securing something that is growing at rates that nobody can keep up with: modern applications and the infrastructure that supports them.

How exactly this could be done was a discussion that could only be had over beer, tacos, and ghost peppers.

Challenge the Status Quo

We live in a digital world. An overplayed sentence, yes, but true nonetheless.

With quite literally the majority of the world relying on applications for both communication and entertainment, ensuring that everyone - not just global 2000 organizations and the government - are protected as they go about their lives each day is top of mind for the Ghost founding trio.

As the years go on, the industry is bursting at the seams with point solutions that are purpose-built to solve a particular part of the problem. This is always painstakingly apparent at industry conferences like Black Hat and RSA where the show floor somehow manages to always get bigger. Although it’s great to see growth, it’s a tough time to be a consumer. It’s hard to tell where one solution stops and another starts.

For some reason, we’ve come to accept this. Despite the ‘single pane of glass’ promises made by companies everywhere, we rely on disparate technologies that lead to significant overlap in capabilities, a workforce that’s tired of being expected to understand a myriad of different technologies, and immense budget inefficiencies because of what’s required to bring risk down to an acceptable level.

When it comes to application security, Ghost is going to change that.

Enter: Ghost Security

The application security space is already getting pretty busy. By busy, we mean that sooner or later, just like the rest of the industry, there’s going to be significant bloat and an onus on the user to understand how to pick and choose vendors in order to implement the best solution for them.

Most of today’s approaches to application security are quickly losing effectiveness because they miss addressing the nuances created by modern cloud infrastructure. They rely on the user for continuous inventorying of assets, they don’t leverage machine learning in a forward thinking way, and they certainly aren’t equipped to scale at the rate demanded by today’s cloud scale microservice-driven architectures.

This is where there’s room for change. More than change, there’s room to completely flip what’s acceptable on its head and build a comprehensive, easy to implement, effective solution to protect users and protect the data that they are sharing.

This is what Greg, Eric, Josh, and the entire team at Ghost Security are dedicated to doing.